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يرجى عدم اضافة اي موضوع الا في قسمه الخاص حتى لاتتعرض عضويتك للتوقف النهائي

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افتراضيadidas originals zx 9000 og

Even adidas originals zx 9000 memphis just looking at the amazing variety of sneakers out there and the amount of money that's changing hands and the prices of some of these. by Brendan DunneThe Nike Air Max 90 is stepping into iridescent mode with this upcoming pair.The shiny look here is a bit more yellow than that found on earlier iridescent Nikes this year from the Superbowl "Silver Speed" pack, and the look is applied much more sparingly. by Brandon RichardIn addition to the four launch colorways, the adidas Tubular 'Gold Pack' is available at select retail locations today.The pack consists of two styles, the first in grey heather with a gold cage and black sole. by Brendan DunneImages by Liz BarclayConcepts will once again be serving sneakers, this time the coke white Asics Gel Lyte V, out of its new NYC location at 225 Hudson St.The new build-out is at the opposite end of the spectrum of the fancy set up for the 'Rose' New Balance 997 that the shop started out with in NYC. Again the shoes feature a black backdrop that is embellished with gold hits on the Swoosh and side zipper, as well as some floral patterning in the lining. In the same three color options as their mid-top counterpart, but with reversed color blocking, the Sky Team comes in grey/white, blue/grey, a white/red. Be on the lookout for the Sky Team Low and Mid in early 2013, and stay tuned to Sole Collector for further release information.(Pics via atmos)

Somehow, our Hollywood liaison got a pair of Senorita Cortezes in the hands of Farrah Fawcett, who wore them in a 1977 episode of Charlie's Angels. words_Brandon RichardWhen it comes to adidas Basketball, a lot of the summer's focus has been put on the TS Heat Check, as well as new signature models for Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose. Brandon RichardTwo new styles have been added to Stevie Williams' Supra S1W collection.The high-performance, signature mid-top drops in a adidas zx 9000 flux black nubuck and purple suede look, backed by rugged purple TUF. Then again, the KD 7 "Floral" wasn't an instant sell out, so it wasn't the best litmus test.Anyway, here's a quick rundown of how it works. Users can subscribe to certain sneakers and category franchises to receive notifications on when new shoes are available. As soon as 10 am EST hit, we tapped on the KD 7 "Floral" and the "notify me" button changed to reflect that the shoe was up for purchase. One tap on the price button, one tap to buy, and we were in the checkout stage. The clip also stars long-hitters Nick Watney and Kyle Stanley, who have signed new deals with Nike as well.After leaving Titleist, McIlroy would surpass Woods as Nike Golf's highest earner if the figures being reported are accurate.More on this story as it develops. Black mesh works the tongue, heel and inner bootie, while white accents Swoosh embroidery on the forefoot and Penny's 1CENT emblem on the tongue.

words_Brandon RichardWe recently saw the Jordan Brand collaboration with the art group Undertow, which produced an aquatic-themed colorway of the Air Jordan 2010. Zac DubasikFoot Locker has just launched thier latest commercial spot, which features James Harden disguising himself as Anthony Davis - unibrow and all. There isn't much info yet as to what sort of options will be available, but the rendering above looks to have a two-tone strap and reveals that you'll be adidas originals zx 9000 og able to build a blackout colorway.The Nike Sock Dart will available for customization on NIKEiD starting on April 18. words_Nick DePaulaimages_Zac DubasikBy now, you're used to this sentence: "Here we have yet another look at a new colorway of the Zoom Kobe V."And you're probably used to this sentence, too: "Worn by Kobe Bryant, several Lakers teammates and players around the league, the Zoom Kobe V has been widely loved for its great performance."First debuted by Kobe on Thursday in Miami and then again on Friday night in Charlotte, look for the Black/ White/ Del Sol colorway to drop in the next month. That's it.You mentioned your past and how you grew up, what does it mean to you to lace up your shoes and see your name on your shoes?It make you feel accomplished. The midsole has been converted to Lunarlon, which has been integrated with Phylon and an Air unit the heel to improve flexibility and cushioning.

While only two colorways have surfaced so far, it's rumored that there are four in total.There is no sneaker release date or official confirmation of the Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 yet.UPDATE 2/4: New images of both Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 colorways via Ruptured, which still don't have a confirmed release date.UPDATE 1/20: Detailed, terribly watermarked images of the black and snakeskin pairs of the Supreme Air Max 98.Images via sneakermaniastore Just remember that it's pronounced a-cubed, as in ice-cubed, and you'll be cool.Who's Worn ItGil Arenas (G- Washington Wizards), Ron Artest (F- Indiana Pacers), Raja Bell (G- Utah Jazz), Tim Duncan (F/C- San Antonio Spurs), Kevin Garnett (F- Minnesota Timberwolves), Nene Hilario (F/C- Denver Nuggets), Jamaal Magloire (C- adidas zx 9000 New Orleans Hornets), Antonio McDyess (F- Phoenix Suns), Gary Trent (F- Minnesota Timberwolves), and othersRead this review in SoleCollector magazine!Read Kicksology.net's review of the adidas a3 Superstar Ultra in issue 4 of Sole Collector, due to the racks in mid-April 2003. Zack SchlemmerOriginally released in early August, Boston sneaker boutique Concepts will again be releasing their collaboration with New Balance for the 999 "SEAL" this weekend.This New Balance 999 inspired by the boot worn by US Navy SEALs is teched-out with stain resistant micro-fiber suede, ballistic mesh, morse code encryption on the tongue, and topographical design on the insole.This limited restock of the Concepts x New Balance SEAL 999 will be available at Concepts in-Store at 10:00am and online at 12:00pm this Saturday October 27, 2012. Sam ran home after, collapsing in front of his house.The sneaker at the center of the crime was a pair of "Aqua" Air Jordan 8s, which can be seen in the video still sitting out in the street.According to ABC 7, a gun was recovered at the scene of the crime.UPDATE 2/12: ABC 7 has updated its story with a video of the crime taking place that contradicts the picture painted by its first report. According to the NFL's rulebook, which has a surprisingly lengthy section on shoes, teams must designate white or black dominant cleats prior to the season. I'm like, "Dude, what's going on?" You can just see anybody walking down the street in those nowadays, and maybe I guess you wouldn't call that heat anymore.It kinda goes both ways I guess.
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